Should the Governor's Office Be Stripped of Some of its Power? Kentucky Senate GOP Thinks So

Feb 7, 2014

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill that would amend the state constitution and remove the governor's ability to implement regulations.

The measure passed by a contentious 24-14 vote that fell along party lines. Republicans support the bill because they say it would give them the authority to create and repeal regulations. That power currently resides within the governor’s office.

Senate Republican Floor Leader Damon Thayer says the legislature should be able to review regulations like the Affordable Care Act and Common Core school standards.

“I don’t ever remember voting on Common Core standards here," Thayer said. "When we passed Senate Bill 1 in 2009, the main crux of it was eliminating the CATS tests and replacing it with standardized testing, and I believe that intent has been perverted somewhat with the implementation of these Common Core standards.”

Democrats call the measure unconstitutional, and say it would give too much power to the legislature.

The bill now heads to the House, which has a Democratic majority.