Simpson County Groups Combine Resources for New Dual-Credit Scholarship Fund

Aug 16, 2013

A group of Franklin-Simpson High School students got a welcome surprise Friday morning.

Those students are taking dual-credit classes at the Southcentral Kentucky Community and Techical College campus in Franklin and were on campus Friday for their fall semester orientation. They also learned that they won't have to pay any tuition for the upcoming academic year.

Those tuition costs are being covered by the Simpson County On-Track Scholarship Fund.

SKYCTC Franklin-Simpson Center Director James McCaslin says the scholarship program is a combined effort of five groups.

"They've each contributed a certain amount of money for this particular year, but our anticipation is that once we show the results of it, that this time next year they'll be willing to put up another set amount of money," said McCaslin.

In the past, Franklin-Simpson High School students only had to pay for the first credit hour of each course they took at the SKYCTC campus, which cost $144.  The On Track scholarship effort is being funded by the city of Franklin, Simpson County Fiscal Court, the Franklin-Simpson Industrial Development Authority, Kentucky Downs, and Franklin Bank and Trust Company.

Dr. McCaslin says in addition to being a benefit to the Franklin-Simpson dual-credit students, the On Track Scholarship Fund sends a strong message to those who are considering working and living in the area.

"What better thing to say to a prospective plant manager who might be looking to relocate than if you live in Simpson County, and your students attend the high school, they'll actually be getting some college credit while in high school, and it's all paid for by local scholarship funds."