Sinkhole Repairs Delayed at National Corvette Museum

Jun 9, 2014

A 40' wide by 60' deep sinkhole opened up beneath the National Corvette Museum February 12.
Credit National Corvette Museum

Visitors to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green can continue to see the sinkhole that swallowed eight classic cars throughout the summer. 

The Skydome where the collapse occurred will not be repaired until after the museum’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.

"We decided to leave the Skydome as is until the end of August because we already have about 6,500 Corvette enthusiasts pre-registered for the event, and they all want to see the cars and the hole," says Marketing and Communications Manager Katie Frassinelli.

Attendance at the museum since the February 12 collapse has been up nearly 50% over the same time period last year. 

"The feedback we're receiving from guests is that a lot of them are stopping in who may not have otherwise," adds Frassinelli.  "People are planning visits to Bowling Green specifically to see this.  If you talk to some of the hotels, they're seeing more visitors because of this."

Given the recent boost in attendance, the museum is expected to hit its 3 millionth visitor within the coming days.

The museum is awaiting price estimates on the various options to repair the Skydome, from keeping all of the sinkhole, to leaving just a small portion of it, to restoring the building to the way it was before.