SKyPAC Discards Plans To Restore Historic Church Building

Nov 8, 2013

The Taylor's Chapel A.M.E. Church (left) sits adjacent to SKyPAC

The future became a little murkier for a historic church building in downtown Bowling Green on Friday.

In August, the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center posted a $250,000 dollar winning bid for the vacant Taylor’s Chapel A.M.E. Church.   But SKyPAC says a 90-day window to find a donor to finance the restoration of the church building has come and gone without anyone stepping forward.  SKyPAC says it will let the purchase agreement expire and has no plans for the building. 

SKyPAC’s Executive Director and CEO Tom Tomlinson says the organization won’t use operating funds to restore the church building.  

“SKyPAC’s vision remains the same,” said Tomlinson. “The growth of our education programs is always a top priority at SKyPAC and the need still exists. SKyPAC has demonstrated its value to the region and will continue to look for ways to expand by presenting, producing and exhibiting the highest quality art.”

The church originally opened in the late 1800s and sits adjacent to SKyPAC property.