Small Quakes Hit Western Kentucky

Clinton, KY – The third earth tremor this month and the second within ten hours was felt in western Kentucky Monday morning.
The National Earthquake Center reports the tremor measured 3.9 and was centered at Clinton in Hickman County. It was the second earthquake within ten hours to be centered in Hickman County, both were of minor intensity.
Geophysicists says they don't believe the quake was on the New Madrid fault.
The quake Monday morning was centered 30 miles west-southwest of Paducah. No damage reports were issued.
Sunday night's tremor occurred at 10:00 pm ET and was measured at 3.0.
The U. S. Geological Survey puts the probability of a magnitude 6.0 or greater quake in the New Madrid fault zone at 25% to 40% over the next 50 years