Some Kentucky Restaurants Post Food Safety Scores

Oct 3, 2012

Some restaurants in western Kentucky are letting patrons know up front just how safe the food is they're serving.  This week, the Green River District Health Department began posting in restaurant windows letter grades based on inspections. 

An "A" will indicate a passing grade while failing grades will be denoted by a "B" or "C."

"They will be able to look right at that sign on the window or door to see if the restaurant got marked down on anything," says Public Health Director Deborah Fillman.  "Even at an "A," there might be one or two things, and they can look directly on the placard and see what the restaurant was marked down on."

Fillman thinks publicly displaying letter grades will be an incentive for restaurants to try harder at passing inspections.  Although, she says most restaurants in the seven-county Green River Area already do well at inspections.