Some Kentucky Seniors Losing Prescriptions to Theft

Jan 20, 2013

This story is an entry in the category of Best Enterprise/Investigative report for the 2013 Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters competition for radio.

This report by Dan Modlin, which aired on November 30, 2012, highlights a disturbing trend in prescription abuse in Kentucky: the theft of medications from senior citizens.

This report includes interview comments from a Kentucky man who says he was has been beaten by a relative so that a doctor will prescribe pain medication. Once that happens, the man's relative steals it from him.

We also hear comments from a psychologist who talks about the impact such thefts and physical abuse can have on seniors, as well as remarks from law enforcement agents and the Chief of the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy.

Thank you for listening to this story, and for considering it for Best Enterprise report.