State Hiring Grand Jury Meets

Frankfort, KY – A pair of high profile witnesses have appeared before a special grand jury in Frankfort that's investigating Fletcher administration personnel practices.
State Commerce secretary Jim Host and former radio personality Ralph Hacker were questioned by the grand jury Tuesday. There's no indication of what they were asked or what they answered in response.
Host made a very brief appearance before the special grand jury. He then walked with his lawyer, Joe Terry of Lexington, down to see the judge.
When individuals appearing before the grand jury have done that in the past, it's indicated the wirness had invoked their Constitutional right against self-incrimination.
Monday, elements of their case against Governor Fletcher's chief of staff were presented by prosecutors in that state hiring probe.
In documents filed with the Franklin District Court, it's alleged that Richard Murgatroyd participated in a conspiracy to circumvent the state's merit laws. Prosecutors filed the document, called a "bill of paritculars", in response to a motion filed on Murgatroyd's behalf.
Vicki Glass of attorney general Greg Stumbo's office says a conspiracy has been ongoing since early last year and has continued uninterrupted until at least this May.
Murgatroyd's attorney has asked the court to eliminate three charges against his client because the statute of limitations has expired.