State Of The State Addresses

Frankfort, KY – Governor Ernie Fletcher has given few hints about what his tax and budget proposals for the 2005 general assembly will look like. Some lawmakers says it looks like a replay of the last session. Republican state senator Charlie Borders says lawmakers haven't gotten the details they need from Fletcher.
The Governor plans to unveil his plans Tuesday night during a speech to a joint session of the House and Senate.
Governor Bredesen will outline his budget requests to Tennessee legislators Monday night.
Among his priorities is a plan to more than triple state spending on pre-kindergarten. Since he wants to use state lottery money to fund the initiative, it could be a tough sell.
The state now spends about $10 million of 3,000 pre-school students. The Governor's proposal would try to reach another 9,000, with the aim of reaching "at risk" children.
During its first year, the lottery is bringing in more money than is being used for the college scholarship program, with officials predicting a $60 million surplus.