State Tests in May Will Measure Students' College and Career Readiness

May 2, 2012

State assessment tests get underway in Kentucky this month, and what happens in the closing weeks of the school year could have major implications for students, employers, and the state economy.  Kentucky is the first state to adopt international math and language standards, raising the bar on learning.

State Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says lower scores are to be expected this year.

"We anticipate it will take three to five years for us to recover to where we are.  But the easy thing for parents and community leaders to understand is the old standard was basic skills proficiency.  We’re now assessing on a new standard, which is college and career ready," Holliday explains.

Holliday is working with business leaders to raise awareness of the new standards.  Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President David Adkisson believes the new standards will make students more globally competitive and help prevent a future worker shortage that would hurt the state's economic development efforts.