Stivers Hopes to be Unopposed for Kentucky Senate President

Nov 2, 2012

Senate Majority Leader Robert Stivers is hoping to run unopposed for Senate president. The Manchester Republican said Friday he's unaware of anyone else in the running. The presidency is expected to open up on Friday when Sen. David Williams resigns to become a circuit judge in southern Kentucky.

Stivers has the support of Senate President Pro Tem Katie Kratz Stine, the Southgate Republican.

Stine said Friday she won't seek the presidency herself. Instead, she said she intends to vote for Stivers when leadership elections are held in January.

Senate Republicans met privately on Friday to appoint Stine co-chair of the Legislative Research Commission to serve until January. Stine will serve in that role until the new president is selected. They also appointed Sen. Vernie McGaha to the commission.