Stumbo: Expanded Gambling Should Start With Constitutional Amendment

Jan 7, 2014

Kentucky lawmakers are once again expected to debate expanded gambling measures during the 2014 General Assembly.

Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo says expanded gaming legislation would ideally begin with a constitutional amendment.

Stumbo told reporters Tuesday in the Capitol that by passing only the enabling legislation in the House, the measure could avoid the kind of horse-trading that Senate President Robert Stivers has warned will threaten his support for it.

“I would envision that the House would pass simply enabling legislation, and not spend the money, and that will alleviate his concern. If the voters were to -- I think the voters need what the enabling legislation is. For example: how the commission will be set up; who’ll get the licenses, that sort of thing; where will they be located? That’s the big question.”

Two measures to expand gaming and introduce casino gambling in the state have been introduced in the House and Senate.