Survey Shows More People Moving Out of Kentucky

Jan 4, 2018

Credit flickr creative commons

A new survey shows more people moved out of Kentucky last year than moved into the state. About 55 percent of those surveyed by United Van Lines said they left Kentucky because they found a new job somewhere else. People also reported leaving to be closer to family and relocating for retirement.

The biggest age group moving out of the state is those 65 and older. United Van Lines spokesperson Melissa Sullivan said it’s only in the last two years that Kentucky has seen more people leaving the state.


“For most of the time, Kentucky has been what we consider a relatively balanced state,” she said.


Sullivan said a balanced state is one that has about the same amount of people moving in and out over the course of a year. United Van Lines did just under 3,000 moves in Kentucky last year. The survey has been done for more than 40 years and only uses information volunteered by people using United Van Lines to move across state lines.