Ten-Digit Dialing Coming Soon to Western Kentucky

Jan 13, 2014

Credit Creative Commons

In just over two weeks, people living in western Kentucky's 270 area code will be dialing ten digits.  A new area code, 364, is being added to the same geographic region as the current 270 code. 

Spokesman Andrew Melnykovich with the Kentucky Public Service Commission emphasizes that local calls will not become long-distance calls.

"When you make local calls, you don't dial the one in front of it," explains Melnykovich.  "You just dial the ten digits. which is the area code and the seven-digit local number."

Beginning February 1st, it will be mandatory for people in those codes to dial ten digits for local calls.  The PSC added the new area code to meet the need for more telephone numbers in the region. 

The first numbers using the new 364 code may be assigned beginning in March.