Tennessee Mosque Foes File New Challenge to Facility

Jul 31, 2012

Opponents of a Tennessee mosque are trying to challenge a federal court ruling that overturned their victory in a local court. Plaintiffs have filed a motion against the mosque, the county’s zoning resolution, and the local government.

The Tennessean reports the motion filed by mosque opponents claims their constitutional rights to due process and equal protection as citizens have been violated. The move comes after a recent federal court ruling that overturned a Rutherford County judge’s decision that would have prevented the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro from opening.

Opponents say mosque leaders didn’t provide adequate notice that the facility was being built, meaning those that wanted to speak out against the mosque weren’t able to appear at local planning and zoning commission meetings.

Those working to get the mosque open say the local Muslim population is being targeted solely because of their religious beliefs. Mosque leaders had been hoping to be in the new facility by mid-August.