Tennessee Sisters Injured In London Blast

Durham, NC – Two Knoxville, Tennessee sisters wounded in the London subway bombing two weeks ago say they were on a sightseeing jaunt to the Tower of London when it happened.
Shortly after boarding, a bomb went off and their lives were changed. Emily Benton says she thought she was on fire and was going to die. Katie Benton says there was no fireball. "It was just so not Hollywood," she said.
Exploding only ten feet to their right, the blast from the terrorist's bomb tore apart their subway car, flinging both sisters to the floor in a haze of shattered glass, smoke and blood. The woman just one seat to their right was killed.
The Benton sisters are recuperating at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. They were released Friday and allowed to go home to Knoxville but will have to return to the hospital for more surgeries.
While both sisters say they'll return to london someday, Emily Benton says she doesn't think she'll ever ride in a subway again.