Tennessee's "Guns in Trunks" Measure Headed for Full Senate Vote

Feb 6, 2013

Closely watched legislation in Tennessee that would allow guns to be stored in cars – even on someone else’s private property – is headed for a vote in the full state Senate.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the so-called “guns in trunks” measure against the wishes of some of the state’s largest employers. Bill Ozier, chairman of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, says plans to expand or invest in the state hinge on whether a corporation can still keep weapons out of their own parking lots.

“It is certainly more of a concern than you might otherwise think," said Ozier.

The bill has yet to begin making its way through the Tennessee House.

Firearms lobbyists say they expect they’ll need to fend off amendments that exempt certain places. Gov. Bill Haslam has expressed a particular concern about storing weapons in cars at a school.