Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Expected to Increase Over Last Year

Nov 20, 2012

Motorists this Thanksgiving Week are likely to see very congested interstate highways around Kentucky. Holiday travel is anticipated to increase slightly for the five day period. Triple-A spokesman Christopher Oakford says that’s been the trend in recent years.

“It’s about a one percent increase on last year, but last year was again an increase on the year before so it gradually seeing a rise or a recovery in the number of people who are choosing to travel since the economic downturn in 2008,” said Oakford.

Oakford says the average distance travelled comes to 588 miles, which is down from just over 700 last year.  He blames the drop on declines in air travel.  Gasoline prices have also been on the decline over the last month. 

“Not too bad at the moment.  We did see a spike as you probably remember about a month ago and when prices started getting over three-fifty and heading toward the four dollar region.  But actually, they’ve dropped back considerably since then,” added Oakford.

Barring any major disruptions, Oakford says, gas prices should remain in the three dollar-30 to three-50 range into the Christmas holiday.