That's the Spirit(s): Owensboro Bar Aiming for Biggest Bourbon Collection in the World

Mar 2, 2013

A Daviess County restaurant and bar is on a quest to offer the world's largest selection of bourbons.

The Messenger-Inquirer reports Spirits at The Miller House in downtown Owensboro currently has at least 200 types of bourbon in stock on a daily basis. That's double what it had a year ago.

General manager Aaron King said that number puts it among bars with the largest selection of bourbons in stock. He said there are about 250 different bourbons.

"There are bars that claim they have 120 bourbons and say that's the largest collection and there are bars that say they have 250 bourbons," King said. "But when you go there, they aren't all in stock."

The type of bourbon available may vary from day to day, "but we'll always have 200 or more different bourbons and ryes in stock. I have bottles ranging from $5 to $300."

Spirits offered just more than 100 bourbons a year ago and was promoted as the "largest bourbon bar between Louisville and California."

With its collection doubled, King said they decided to display the collection along a wall.

"We've built new shelves and cabinets to display them," King said. "We get a few calls every week from people who have heard about it. We've had people who are traveling on business drive two hours out of their way just to see it."

Larry Kirk, whose family owns The Miller House, said the bourbon collection goal came about because "we love Kentucky, and there's not many things we're as known for as bourbon."

"Our first goal was 100. Now, we're at 200 and going on from there," he said. "There are new bourbons coming on all the time," Kirk said.

King says at least one other restaurant, which is located in Lexington, offers a wider selection.

However, he says Spirits at The Miller House is planning to add more.