Tornadoes Confirmed in Kentucky and Indiana Wednesday

Jan 30, 2013

Tornado damage in Marion County, KY
Credit National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-2 tornado touched down in Warren County Kentucky northeast of Bowling Green as strong storms moved through the region early Wednesday morning.

A NWS survey team is currently investigating the damage along with local emergency management and media members. The track of this tornado likely extends farther northeast outside of Warren County, thus, details will be forth coming as the survey team continues the investigation.

An EF-0 tornado touched down southwest of Bradfordsville in Marion County, Kentucky. This tornado did damage along Calvary Road where a mobile home was destroyed and a small shed slid off its foundation. 2 minor injuries occurred with this tornado.

In Indiana, an EF-1 tornado has been confirmed in Orange County.  Several trees were toppled in a forest on the southwest portion of the path.  The tornado then affected a residence, badly damaging the roof and throwing the porch of the house several yards to the northeast.  Several small twigs were driven through the siding of the home.

An EF-0 tornado touched down east of Elizabeth in Harrison County, Indiana. Three to four homes and two barns were damaged along Highway 111.  The porch of one home was lifted and thrown 25-30 feet.  The walls of one of the barns collapsed in multiple directions.  Tress were down in this location as well. The track of the tornado extended to the Ohio River.