Tornadoes Strike Area

Louisville, KY – The National Weather Service reports a storm that left four people with minor injuries in Barren and Metcalfe Counties was a F-2 tornado.
The Friday afternoon twister formed a mile northeast of Temple Hill in Barren County and moved across Kentucky 90.
Forecasters say it lifted just north-northeast of Summer Shade in Metcalfe County. An F-2 tornado's wind speed ranges from 113 to 157 miles an hour.
In Tennessee, officials say a tornado that hit Sunmer county on Friday packed winds close to 170 miles an hour.
Torndoes were spotted in about ten Tennessee counties, the second wave of deadly storms to hit the state in less than a week.
The one that struck Sumner County killed seven people and damaged of destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. It measured an F-3 with winds of 158 to 206 miles an hour.
Authorities worked throughout the weekend to assist victims.
Besides the deaths in Sumner county, three people were killed in Warren County and two more died during the night in a Gallatin hospital.