Twelve Senators Question IRS Policies Toward Tea Party Groups

Mar 14, 2012

Two US Senators from Kentucky and two from Tennessee are among twelve GOP lawmakers who are questioning whether the Obama Administration is using the Internal Revenue Service to target Tea Party related non-profit organizations.  The twelve members of the US Senate have sent a letter to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. 

The letter seeks assurances that the agency's recent  inquiries into some Tea Party affiliated non-profit groups aren't politically motivated.

The letter also says the Senators have received complaints of excessive IRS inquiries from Tea Party organizations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and Ohio.  The Associated Press quotes Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander as saying, "The government should not have what amounts to an enemies list." A spokesman from the IRS did not immediately return a phone call when asked for a comment on the story, according to the AP.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee were among the twelve lawmakers who signed the letter to the IRS.