Two Kentucky Casualties In Iraq

Lexington, KY – A Marine from lexington has reportedly died in Iraq.
21 year old Chase Johnson Comley was a Lance Corporal in Bravo Company 2nd Amphibious Assault Vehicle Battalion according to his brother Clinton Comley.
The military said a Marine was killed Saturday in a suicide car bombing in a village west of Baghdad. The soldier's name was not released, however, and the Department of Defense had no new listing on its web site Sunday.
Clinton Comley said military officials notified the family of his brother's death on Saturday.
Comley joined the Marines in February 2004 and had been in Iraq since March. He played baseball and basketball at Sayre High School where he graduated in 2002.
After graduating from Sayre, Comley enrolled at Lexington Community College but left after a year. He worked briefly for his father and then decided to join the Marines.
Also an Army Sergeant from kentucky who served with a New York-based division was killed Friday in Iraq.
SFC Robert Derenda, of Ledbetter, died when the armored Humvee he was driving over-turned and exploded. Officials say the 42 year old Derenda had been trying to avoid a civilian fuel truck that pulled out in front of him on a highway in northern Iraq.
Derenda was a member of the 98th Division, based near Rochester, NY. He's the fifth member of the Army Reserve to die in Iraq.
Derenda was a graduate of SUNY at Buffalo. He was on active duty with the Army from 1986 to 1991 and then joined the Reserves, serving with the 98th Division until January 2003.
He joined the 100th Division in paducah in September 2003.