Two Kentucky Lawmakers Return Special Session Pay

Jun 19, 2012

Two members of the Kentucky General Assembly have refused to be paid for a week long special legislative session held earlier this year. The two lawmakers have returned nearly $7,000 to the State treasury.

Through an open records request, the Associated Press has learned that Democratic State Representatives Tom Riner and Jim Wayne refunded their salaries and expenses. According to the AP, they were the only members of the General Assembly to send in refunds for the special session.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear called lawmakers back to Frankfort in April to pass a transportation budget after members of the General Assembly failed to do so during the regular legislative session that spanned nearly four months.  Members met in Frankfort for five additional days in April, to finish their work. Those five days cost taxpayers approximately $300,000. 

Riner, who represents House District 41 in Jefferson County, returned $5,000 on June 6th. Wayne, who represents House District 35 in Jefferson County, returned about $1,800 on June 7th.