Two Votes on Alcohol Sales in Kentucky Yield Two Different Results

Aug 8, 2012

One western Kentucky community has approved the sale of alcohol while another split the vote. Residents in Princeton approved restaurant and package liquor sales on Tuesday by nearly 200 votes.

The Paducah Sun reports that 2,141 ballots were cast, with 1,167 people voting for the measure and 972 against it. Princeton Mayor Gale Cherry hailed the vote, saying it would help the local economy.

Meanwhile, The Gleaner reports residents in Sturgis voted by precinct. The vote was close in all three, but only passed in one.

In Precinct 2, 122 cast ballots to approve sales while 108 voted to remain dry. In Precinct 3, the measure failed by two votes: 89 no and 87 yes. Three votes separated the outcome in Precinct 4, where 104 voted for the measure and 107 against it.