Type A Negative Blood Donors Needed in Daviess County Region

Jun 13, 2012

A blood center serving six hospitals in our region is putting out the word for type A Negative blood donations. The Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center works with hospitals in Breckinridge, Caldwell, Christian, Crittenden, Daviess, and Ohio counties.

Donor Resources Director Vicki Ellis says a patient in the region has used up most of the type-A negative supply, leaving hospitals vulnerable.

"Usually, we're fortunate that people in our community will usually come out, and they will respond," said Ellis. "If it's not enough, and it continues to be a problem, then we will get on the national blood exchange, and we'll import that blood from another blood center. That's not what we like to do. We like to turn to our community first."

Type A Negative donors are being asked to give blood at the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center at 3015 Old Hartford Road in Owensboro.

You can call the blood center if you have questions at 270-684-9296.

Ellis says the time commitment is usually 35 to 45 minutes.