Unemployment Rate Unchanged in Kentucky

Jul 19, 2012

Kentucky’s jobless rate was unchanged in June, and still stands at eight-point-two percent. The state figures released by the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet are consistent with the national unemployment rate.


Kentucky’s civilian labor force last month included an estimated 2,068,524 workers. State officials say that is an increase of about 2600 individuals from the previous month, but not enough to lower the statewide percentage rate.

The Bluegrass State’s professional and business services sector expanded by 1600 positions, and Kentucky’s manufacturing sector added 800 jobs in June.  However, construction jobs fell again last month. Employment in construction in the state has dropped by nearly five percent in the past year.

Although the mining and logging sector has lost 900 jobs in the past year, that sector was unchanged in the past month.  Civilian labor force statistics include nonmilitary workers and unemployed Kentuckians who are actively seeking work. The numbers do not include unemployed residents of the state who haven't looked for employment within the past four weeks.