Update: Road Closings, Reopenings Following Weekend Rain

Jan 14, 2013

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has issued this updated road closing report. Several roadways in our listening area have been closed due to the high water brought on by weekend rain. Here is the latest, as of Monday at 10:30 am.

Allen County:

KY 585/Old Franklin Road closed between MM 6-7.

KY 1533/Meador Post Oliver Road closed between MM 0-1.

Breckinridge County - KY 261, between 15-16MP - Closed

NOW OPEN - Breckinridge County - KY 2779, between 3-4MP

NOW OPEN - LaRue County - KY 583, between 1-2MP

Butler County:

KY 2713/Dexterville Road closed between MM 0-1.

KY 1153/Dallam Creek Bridge Road closed between MM 5-6.

Reed's Ferry (KY 269) and the Rochester Ferry (KY 369) closed due to high water.

Edmonson County:

KY 655/Segal Road closed between MM 3-4.

Logan County:

KY 3201/Quality Road closed MM 0-1.

KY 1153/Beechland Road closed MM 4-5.

KY 107/Deerlick Road closed MM 4-5.

KY 1308/Trimble Road closed MM 0-1.

KY 765/Conn Road closed MM 2-3.

Monroe County:

KY 678/Stringtown Flippin Road  closed MM 8-9.

NEW ADDITION - Marion County - KY 2741, between 0-1MP - Closed

Meade County - KY  823, between 0-1MP - Closed

Taylor County - KY 3211, between 4-5MP - Closed