Violent Home Invasion In Marion County

Lebanon, KY – A residence intrusion just north of Lebanon around midnight Sunday resulted in a couple being assaulted and a homemade explosive device being set off by a gunman who then took his own life.
State police sergeant Ken Hill says in a report on the incident that 26 year old Charles Lanham of Lebanon forced his way into a residence and opened fire. He also set off a small explosive device that started a fire. 21 year old Margaret Tungate and 22 year old William Rakes, Jr. were not wounded, but Hill says Rakes was injured slightly when Lanham assaulted the couple.
Rakes was able to run for assisstance and the car he flagged own happened to be driven by state police detective Allen Corbett. A call had apparently been made from the house earlier and Marion County sheriff's personnel arrived and entered the house with Corbett.
They found that Lanham had shot himself in the head with a large caliber handgun. He died at Sprongview Hospital in Lebanon. The fire caused minor damage.