Warren County Bailiff Accused in Shooting Claims Self Defense

Feb 28, 2013

The off-duty court security officer who fired on a Warren County man this week has hired a lawyer, who says his client acted in self-defense. Bowling Green Attorney Alan Simpson is representing Tommy Brown, who shot Brandon Bradshaw three times while Bradshaw was inside his truck off the 31-W Bypass. 

In an interview with WKU Public Radio, Simpson was asked why Brown has not been arrested.

"This was self defense, and knowing law enforcement here in Warren County--very reputable--the commonwealth attorney was on the scene, and if they thought something was amiss, Mr. Brown would have been arrested," said Simpson. "It is a misnomer or a misconception that people have that if someone shoots someone that they're going to be immediately arrested."

Simpson would not say if Bradshaw was armed. Brown is on paid leave while the 27-year-old Bradshaw remains in a coma at a Nashville hospital.

In a Facebook posting, the family says doctors are not optimistic that Bradshaw will leave the hospital.