Warren County Hopes Drug Disposals Will Stem Prescription Drug Abuse

Apr 27, 2012

Warren County saw a 40% jump in prescription drug abuse in 2011.  Law enforcement is responding by placing permanent drop off containers for unwanted or expired medications.Tommy Loving who heads the Bowling Green-Warren County Drug Task Force says any kind of pills can be left, no questions asked.

"All of these will be under camera surveillance 24 hours a day, but our concern is not who's dropping them off, but just get them off the street," says Loving.

Drop off containers will be located at the Kentucky State Police Post in Bowling Green, the Bowling Green Police Department, and Warren County Sheriff's Department.  The drugs will be destroyed in an incinerator at KSP.  Warren County joins several cities in the commonwealth now offering disposal sites.  A report released this week by the National Office of Drug Control Policy found most drug addictions start in the home medicine cabinets of friends or relatives.