Warren County Rejects Bowling Green School Plan

Feb 21, 2014

Warren County Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton
Credit Warren County Public Schools

The Warren County school district and the Bowling Green school system remain at odds over a student transfer agreement. 

The county school board has rejected the city’s latest proposal to cut the number of non-resident students over a ten-year period. The county wants to keep more of its students and the state funding that comes with them. 

Warren County Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton told WKU Public Radio that he also didn’t like the city's plan to allow transfers on a first-come, first serve basis.

“The board feels that the process needs to be the most transparent, efficient, and equitable process available and it’s the board’s conclusion that a random draw meets this criteria the best," said Clayton.

Negotiations between the two districts began in last September and went into mediation this month.  Clayton said he felt that now is the time to appeal to Kentucky’s Education Commissioner.

“We’re coming to the point where a timely resolution is critical," Clayton added.  "Both school districts need to have the opportunity to plan and prepare for the 2014-15 school year, but more importantly, the families in this community need a resolution so they can plan and prepare for the upcoming school year, as well.”

Education Commissioner Terry Holliday can either make a ruling or recommend a hearing take place similar to the one the school systems took part in last summer.