Washington Agreement Reopens Mammoth Cave National Park

Oct 17, 2013

Trails at Mammoth Cave National Park have opened for the first time since Oct. 1 when the federal government partially shut down.
Credit Emil Moffatt

With the government shutdown over, national parks across the country are back in business. 

In south central Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park resumed tours and opened trail ways Thursday. 

Park Spokeswoman Vickie Carson says summer is typically the busiest time of year for the attraction, but being closed for half of October wasn’t good for the bottom line.

"Last year, if we look at our October visitation, a little over 37,000 people visited the park and 28,000 toured the cave," explained Carson.

Carson says Mammoth Cave contributed about $33 million dollars to the local economy last year. 

A total of 149 park employees were furloughed during the shutdown.