Water Shortage Watch Issued

Jul 6, 2012

State officials in Kentucky have issued a Water Shortage Watch for 27 counties. Environmental Scientist Bill Caldwell says residents should be paying attention to possible calls for water conservation.

Caldwell told WKU Public Radio people in the 27 counties should,"try to cooperate as much as they can, because those water systems are doing that for a reason. If everybody heeded those requests, you could make a big dent in water use and considerably improve the outlook."

Caldwell says many communities in the counties named in the water shortage watch have issued local water advisories in response to reduced raw water supplies and high demand.  Despite heavy rainfall that accompanied thunderstorms in some parts of Kentucky this week, Caldwell says water supplies remain a serious concern in many areas.

More information on the counties included in the water shortage watch can be found at the website of the Kentucky Division of Water.