Western Kentucky Town Looking for New Mayor After Removal

Jul 25, 2012

The Corydon City Council has voted to oust its mayor. Halfway through his term, Larry Thurby faces several accusations, including misuse of city funds.

After a public hearing Tuesday night that went four hours, the council voted to remove Mayor Thurby from office. He can appeal the decision in Henderson County Circuit Court.

The Corydon Council charged Thurby with using city funds for personal expenses, including an engagement ring. He has reimbursed the city.

Thurby was also charged with failing to monitor city employees. After an audit last year turned up $80,000 missing from the sewer fund, former sewer clerk Melissa Clark was convicted of embezzlement.

Thurby maintains his removal from office stems from the most recent mayoral election, in which he beat councilwoman Beth French. French denies and political retribution, and says the removal proceedings were initiated to restore order to city government.

The Cordyon City Council meets again Wednesday night to consider filling the mayoral vacancy.