While in Kentucky, Vice Presidential Debate Touches Little on Kentucky Issues

Even though the candidates for vice president met in Danville Thursday night, Kentucky issues such as coal and the auto industry weren’t heavily addressed. Kentucky is affected by many of the national issues that were discussed, but Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan had little to say on topics specific to the commonwealth.

Kentucky is far from being a swing state in this year’s election cycle. And State Senate President David Williams says he's not surprised some topics weren't discussed. But he says there were nods to local issues.

“I did think that the only person who did talk about energy policy was Congressman Ryan as part of his five point plan, as far as making us energy independent as far as North American and putting a goal and obviously coal has to be involved.

Kentucky is one of the leading automakers in the nation, and the candidates touched on, but quickly moved past a discussion of the auto industry bailout.