White Congregations Reach Out To Black Churcges

Louisville, KY – Pastors at two mainly white Baptist churches that joined a statewide association of black Baptists say theu took the step in hopes of improving race relations.
St. Matthews Baptist Church in Louisville and Saloma Baptists Church in Campbellsville became part of the general association of Baptists in kentucky when the group admitted them at its annual meeting last week.
St. Matthews pastor Leslie Hollon said his church's goal is to step over racial boundaries that should not be boundaries.
The Reverend Lincoln Bingham, moderator of the general association, says time has been wasted dealing with racism, paternalism and other issues.
In recent decades, several historically black churches have joined the Kentucky Baptist Convention while retaining their ties to the general association. But St. Matthews and Saloma are the first mainly white congregations that general association officials recall making an opposite move.