WKU Hilltoppers to Play Role of David in Matchup with Goliath, AKA Alabama

Sep 7, 2012

When the WKU Hilltoppers take the field this Saturday, they'll do so in a place that has become the epicenter of college football greatness. The Alabama Crimson Tide are the defending national champions and boast the number one ranking in both major polls.

In their first game of the season, Alabama crushed 8th ranked Michigan 41-14.

Whatever happens on the field, the Hilltoppers will leave Tuscaloosa $1 million richer. That's how much Alabama will pay WKU to play Saturday's game. WKU athletics will use that money to help pay not only for the football program, but for the school's non-revenue sports, like soccer, golf, and tennis.

According to the Courier-Journal's Tim Sullivan, WKU players understand Saturday's game represents the chance of a lifetime.

The Tuscaloosa News says WKU head coach Willie Taggart will draw upon his experience at Stanford to guide him through Saturday's David vs. Goliath matchup.

And DO NOT tell Alabama head coach Nick Saban that the Tide can overlook the Hilltoppers. This video shows Saban taking to task members of the Alabama media for not taking WKU seriously.