WKU Launches Its Own Crowdfunding Platform

Apr 18, 2017

Western Kentucky University students and faculty have a new funding source to tap into for things like research, travel, and equipment. 

SpiritFunder will allow the public to contribute money to various projects and initiatives at WKU, much like GoFundMe and KickStarter. 

Similar platforms are being implemented at universities across the nation as a way to bring attention to small projects that might otherwise go unfunded.  Typical campaigns will range between $2,ooo and $10,00o.

"When you're talking about two thousand dollars, a gift of five dollars or ten dollars really adds up," said Heather McWhorter, Director of Leadership Annual Giving at WKU.  "Even if you can't make a major gift to the university, you can still make a difference."

The platform can’t be used to raise money for tuition, salary increases, or for-profit. Gifts made through SpiritFunder are considered charitable contributions to WKU and are 100-percent tax-deductible. 

A new suit for Big Red and a field course for meteorology students are among the platform’s inaugural campaigns.