WKU President Says Some Programs to be Eliminated

Bowling Green, KY – Western Kentucky University President Gary Ransdell
says some programs at the university will have to be
eliminated to meet significant budget cuts ordered by
the Fletcher Administration. Speaking with members
of the university's governing board today, Ransdell
indicated that no decisions have been made at this
point about what to eliminate. He stressed that
one of his priorities will be to preserve funding for
programs which excell at the institution.

Governor Fletcher plans to reduce the budgets of
state universities and community colleges by about
seventy million dollars. State Budget Director Brad Cowgill
says the cuts are necessary because of the severity of
the financial crisis facing the Commonwealth.
The Fletcher announcement sparked partisan arguments
in the General Assembly. Republican State Senate
President David Williams says critics need to give the
new Governor more time. Democrat House Speaker
Jody Richards say the Fletcher cuts to education are
"destroying hope" in the state.