ACT test scores for high school graduates in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana all saw improvement this year.

The company that administers the test is calling the gains in Kentucky and Tennessee particularly promising.

Every high school graduate in Kentucky and Tennessee and nine other states takes the ACT as part of statewide assessment.  This year, both Tennessee and Kentucky saw a 0.3 percent gain in composite score as compared to 2013.

The composite score in Kentucky was 19.9, while Tennessee students scored a 19.8. 

Meantime, Indiana’s average composite score was 21.7, but only 40 percent of Indiana students took the test.

Mixed Results for Latest Kentucky and Tennessee ACT Scores

Aug 21, 2013

This year's high school graduates in both states fell short when measured against national results for ACT college readiness benchmarks but Kentucky is making improvements.

In English, reading, mathematics and science combined, 18% of both Kentucky's and Tennessee's classes of 2013 achieved college readiness compared with 26% nationally. The results were released Wednesday in the ACT's yearly report, "The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013."

Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday said students and teachers have made progress during the past five years.

The broadest difference was in math, where 30% of Kentucky graduates met college readiness marks, compared with 44% throughout the U.S. In science, statewide 28% met the mark, while 36% were on target nationally. 29% of Tennessee graduates met the college readiness marks in math with 27% achieving the science standard.

Kentucky's public high school seniors scored higher on the ACT college entrance exam than a year ago, but their performance remained below the national average, education officials said Wednesday. The average composite ACT score rose to 19.5 for Kentucky's public high school Class of 2012, up from 19.2 in 2011, according to data released by the state Department of Education.