Adam Joseph Bunger

Thirty-four year old Adam Bunger pled guilty in United States District Court Wednesday to a four count federal indictment charging him with exporting firearms from the United States during the summer of 2013.

Prosecutors say Bunger mailed the weapons to Australia, Sweden and the United Kingdom hidden inside videogame systems.  At least two of the weapons had their serial numbers removed.

Bunger faces a maximum 25 year prison term, a one million dollar fine and a three year period of supervised probation. Sentencing is scheduled in U. S. District Court in Bowling Green on May 29.

A Bowling Green man accused of international gun trafficking is no longer in custody.  A federal judge on Friday morning granted bond to Adam Joseph Bunger. 

Adam Bunger is accused of shipping firearms to England, Sweden, and Australia, all countries with stringent gun laws.  He allegedly used a website called Black Market Reloaded to sell the weapons and used aliases to ship them overseas.  The firearms were supposedly disassembled, and the parts hidden in video game consoles.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jo Lawless argued before U.S. District Judge Brent Brennenstuhl that Bunger should remain behind bars, claiming he was a flight risk and a danger to the community.  She added that the government anticipates bringing additional charges.

“We have truly only scratched the surface,” said Lawless.

Not only was Bunger allegedly shipping firearms in illegal in other countries, Lawless said he was stripping the weapons of serial numbers.  She also contended the investigation had turned up evidence of Bunger also trading in marijuana, fake IDs, and stolen credit cards.