Attorney General Jack Conway

3:41 pm
Mon May 19, 2014

Attorney General Encourages Public To Report Any Voter Fraud

Federal and state law enforcement agencies are looking to the general public to report improper electioneering and voter fraud Tuesday as Kentucky voters go to the polls for a primary election.

Attorney General Jack Conway admits the anticipated low voter participation in this primary increases the chances of fraud. 

"In a low turnout with a lot of local elections, that's where you tend to see a lot of the corruption problems.  That's where those of us in law enforcement who are monitoring elections need to be the most vigilant," said Conway.

Conway says his office has a team of investigators who work with both U.S. Attorney's Offices, Kentucky State Police and local law enforcement.  Once a tip comes in, the AG says teams go to the site as soon as possible.   

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5:44 pm
Wed March 5, 2014

Gov. Beshear Explains Decision to Appeal Same-sex Marriage Ruling

Gov. Steve Beshear

Gov. Steve Beshear says his appeal of a judge's order to recognize same-sex marriages is meant to clarify the law. Beshear acknowledges that marriage equality supporters are disappointed with his decision to mount an appeal, even though Attorney General Jack Conway has opted not to.

Beshear says the appeal is needed to get the matter settled as quickly as possible and without Conway on the case, Beshear has sent out a request for proposals for attorneys to handle the state’s appeal.

While he refuses to state his personal opinion on gay marriage, Beshear contends that an appeal is the quickest way to get the matter settled, and that he and Conway simply reached different conclusions.

“We had a lot of conversations about this issue, and as I said, he wrestled with it, and I wrestled with it,” said Beshear.  “We ended up coming to different conclusions. And I respect the decision he made, and I think he respects mine.”

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10:41 am
Thu November 14, 2013

Governor's Son to Run For Attorney General

Andy Beshear
Credit Stites & Harbison, PLLC

Gov. Steve Beshear's son has filed paperwork with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance to begin raising money for his candidacy for attorney general.

Andy Beshear, a Louisville attorney, filed the paperwork on Thursday. He becomes the first Democrat to formally announce his candidacy in an election that's still two years away.

The younger Beshear said in a statement that, if elected, he would work to make Kentucky safe and prosperous.

The current attorney general, Louisville Democrat Jack Conway, is nearly half way through his second four-year term. Because of a two-term limit, Conway can't seek re-election. He instead is considering a run for governor.

Andy Beshear is seeking a job once held by his father, who was attorney general from 1980-1983. Steve Beshear has been governor since 2007.

10:33 am
Mon March 18, 2013

Kentucky's AG Backing Federal Legislation on For-Profit Colleges

Kentucky’s attorney general is supporting federal legislation to curb recruiting abuses by for-profit colleges.

Jack Conway and 13 attorneys general are supporting the Protecting Financial Aid for Students and Taxpayers Act sponsored by Sen. Kay R. Hagan (D-NC) and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA).

The bill restricts colleges and universities from using federal financial aid for recruitment, advertising, and marketing purposes. 

"I support higher education and students who seek a degree to create a better life for their families, but many times I see those dreams turn to nightmares when students fall prey to a fast sales pitch from a for-profit college with a questionable reputation," Conway said. "The students end up with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and no degree."

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8:37 am
Tue February 26, 2013

Kentucky Homeowners Receive $55.5 Million in Settlement Relief

More than $55.5 million in relief has gone to hundreds of Kentucky homeowners in the national mortgage foreclosure settlement.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway said in a statement that a recent report from the independent settlement monitor also indicates that mortgage servicers were processing more than $2 million in additional claims for Kentucky borrowers, for a total of $57.5 million.

The statement said the 1,562 borrowers received an average of $35,534. The relief was provided by Ally/GMAC/Bank of America, Citi, Chase and Wells Fargo through Dec. 31.

Conway's office said the information provided by mortgage servicers hasn't been verified by the compliance monitor.

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Prescription Drug Abuse
7:45 am
Sat December 8, 2012

Attorney General to Address Henderson Students about Prescription Abuse

Attorney General Jack Conway addresses a past prescription drug awareness program in Warren County.
Credit WKU Public Radio

On Monday, approximately 1,000 students at Henderson County High School will hear about the consequences of prescription drug abuse. Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway and Van Ingram, Executive Director of the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, will speak to students.

Ingram told WKU Public Radio that an alarming number of teens have been experimenting with prescription medications in the state and region. He says that experimentation is especially dangerous because many young people are taking medications that may interact with other pills they have taken. State officials in Kentucky say autopsy results from those dying from prescription overdose frequently find that a "cocktail" mixture of pills.

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4:00 pm
Fri October 12, 2012

Second Successful VP Debate has State Officials Hoping for Presidential Debate Next Time

Vice-Presidential debate

After this week's Vice Presidential debate at Centre College in Danville, local officials say the school is ready for the next step. Centre College has now held two vice presidential debates: this year’s and one in 2000. Both went smoothly behind the scenes, and Kentucky officials such as Attorney General Jack Conway say it may be time for Centre to host a presidential debate.

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3:00 am
Thu July 26, 2012

It's a Small World: British Scandal Impacting Kentucky Pension Systems

A former financial planner for the Kentucky Pension Systems says an international banking scandal is leading to millions of dollars in losses for Kentucky agencies. Financial analyst Chris Tobe believes the pension systems have lost money due to the false interest rates associated with the LIBOR banking scandal.

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