Kentucky State BBQ Festival

The Kentucky State Barbeque Festival in Danville is growing.  Now in its fourth year, the festival is expanding from a two-day event to a three-day event, beginning Friday.

“We were all there set up for Friday because of our charity auction, so we figured we’d go ahead and start vending and having music and that sort of thing on Friday as well, ” said festival director Brad Simmons.

He says festival-goers will have the opportunity to try barbeque styles from across the country from some of the top pit masters in America.

“You know what, it’s kind of like pizza: there is no right and wrong, there’s just ‘great’,” said Simmons. “We’ve got a North Carolina-style, we’ve got a West Tennessee/Memphis-style barbeque coming. We’ve got Texas-style barbeque which is just meat, salt and smoke.”

Mike Mills from the famed 17th Street Bar and Grill in Illinois will be among the celebrity pit masters on hand. The festival is expanding this year from two days to three and features live music and a backyard barbeque contest.

Simmons says next year, they want to be sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

Photo by Amanda Hardeman

Rachel Hopkin explores the distinctive barbecue style associated with Monroe County, Kentucky. She visits a number of establishments to learn more about secret sauce recipies, the dangers of hot grills, and to enjoy plenty of barbecue.