Barren River Area Safe Space

A new Kentucky law removes a barrier that victims of domestic violence often face when making the decision to leave their abuser. 

Lawmakers this session passed a bill that allows those with long-term protective orders to break a rental lease with 30 days notice to their landlord.  Without that protection, victims often stay in abusive homes and relationships. 

Tori Henninger heads Barren River Area Safe Space, a domestic violence shelter in Bowling Green.  She says the legislation will also help prevent financial hardships for the abused.

Barren River Area Safe Space

A Bowling Green-based domestic violence shelter wants to empower women who are trying to land jobs in office settings.

Barren River Area Safe Space—or BRASS--is holding its Dress for Change event May 31-June 15.

The shelter is giving women donated clothing and accessories they can wear for job interviews and while at work.

BRASS Executive Director Tori Henninger says the project can be valuable for low-income women and victims domestic violence.

"They are able to feel a little more confident, a little more secure, and a little bit better about their appearance, especially when they're trying to prepare themselves for work outside of a--say--fast food restaurant."

BRASS serves Warren, Barren, Simpson, and seven other southern Kentucky counties.

The Bowling Green city commission Tuesday night passed the first reading of a bill allowing a mens' alcoholic and drug recovery center to open near a home for victims of domestic violence.