8:17 am
Thu March 29, 2012

Kentucky Lawmakers Find Budget Compromise in Wee Hours of the Morning

After a night of discussions, Kentucky lawmakers have finally reached a budget agreement. Negotiations on a budget compromise began Monday. By Tuesday, talks had stalled. Lawmakers were unable to work out differences over funding school construction, paying for indigent care at University Hospital in Louisville and reducing bonded debt. House and Senate leaders resolved their differences shortly before 3 am today.

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Kentucky's Next Budget
8:25 am
Wed March 28, 2012

Stumbo Says New School Funding Issue Could Delay Budget Passage

Kentucky lawmakers continue to work on a budget compromise. Both chambers of the General Assembly have approved budget bills and a conference committee has been meeting since Monday to work out the differences. One major point of disagreement is funding for school construction.

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Kentucky's Next Budget
9:41 am
Mon March 12, 2012

Kentucky Senate to Take Two More Weeks on Budget

The legislative session is winding down, but budget negotiations are just beginning for Kentucky’s Senate. The House passed their version of budgets for all three branches of state government last week. But Senate Budget Chairman Bob Leeper says that doesn’t mean the Senate will be able to act quickly on the plan.

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