cold weather

Much of Kentucky is preparing for a very cold weekend and a frigid start to next week.  Forecasters predict temperatures on Tuesday could struggle to reach 30 degrees.

Dr. Greg Goodrich with the Kentucky Climate Center at WKU says a prolonged stretch of sub-freezing weather in Kentucky is unusual for November. He says a super typhoon in the Bering Sea last week has caused the mercury to plummet here.  

“What that did is it dislodged the polar vortex and caused a piece of it to slide southward across Canada and into the United States,” said Goodrich . “And so the leading edge of that cold air crossed our area on Wednesday and looks like we’re going to get another reinforcing wave of that cold air here over the weekend  to make it even colder early next week.”

Goodrich says these temperatures are more commonly seen during the winter months in Kentucky.

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities and the Tennessee Valley Authority are asking customers – both businesses and residential – to assist in conserving power today.  Temperatures are expected to remain frigid through Friday, further taxing the electric grid. Shelley Lowe with BGMU says homeowners can take easy steps to save energy.

“It can be simple things like at home, not running your appliances. If you can wait a few days – that would be great; lowering your thermostat to 60 degrees and reducing the usage of lights and unplugging things that aren’t in use,” said Lowe.

Lowe says this “emergency load curtailment” request may be lifted on Friday as temperatures gradually warm. The National Weather Service predicts highs in the mid-20s by Friday and upper 30s by Saturday.