The Kentucky House speaker said the commission charged with proposing changes to Kentucky's tax code is "backing away" from controversial issues. House Speaker Greg Stumbo said in a recent interview that the Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform needs to be bolder. He said the appointed commissioners are approaching the tax code issues as if they have political capital to lose, refusing to offer new ideas.

The deadline is nearing for delinquent Kentucky taxpayers to take advantage of an amnesty period. Kentucky officials say this is the first amnesty period in 10 years and allows people to pay taxes that are due without paying fees or penalties and having the interest reduced by half.

In Kentucky's fourth-largest city, there's no instant access to an interstate seen as a magnet for job growth, but officials in Owensboro are riding hopes that a new study will put them on a path toward becoming aligned with a highway running from Tennessee to Michigan.

Kentucky's Jobless Rate Stays at 8.4%

Nov 15, 2012

Kentucky's manufacturing sector was flat last month, and the state's unemployment rate remained at 8.4% for the month of October, according to the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.

With the holiday season fast approaching, a food pantry in southern Kentucky is struggling to come up with enough food to give to needy families. The Come-Unity Cooperative Care food pantry in London is the central agency that hands out food to needy residents.

Gov. Bill Haslam will wrap up budget hearings this week. The hearings are for fiscal year 2013-14. Despite improving state revenues, the Republican governor has asked state departments to develop plans for a 5 percent spending cut as a fallback.

General Fund Receipts Increase in Kentucky

Nov 9, 2012

Kentucky State Budget Director Mary Lassiter says General Fund receipts rose 3.7 percent in October. That means receipts have increased 2.5 percent over the first four months of the fiscal year and must continue to grow at 2.4 percent for the remainder of the year to meet official revenue estimates.

The Second Annual Regional Forum on Homelessness will be held in Bowling Green next week.  The activity is designed to coincide with National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

The Associated Press is reporting that coal stocks are dropping sharply today, on the expectation of tougher going for coal companies in a second term for President Obama. The AP reports that a series of environmental regulations proposed by the Obama administration could reduce the nation's use of coal.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is meeting with state agencies to help prepare for possible budget cuts. After a series of meetings conducted on election day, Haslam will hear presentations today for transportation, children's services and other departments.