The Economy Project
4:26 pm
Thu December 17, 2009

Older Workers Face Challenges as They Try to Stay in Workforce Longer

Bowling Green, Ky – Many older workers are hoping to stay on the job longer, in light of recent losses in retirement plan or longer life expectancy. Dan Modlin recently spoke with Howard Eglit of the Chicago-Kent School of Law about a recent study on older workers conducted by the Pew Foundation.

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The Economy Project
4:31 pm
Mon September 21, 2009

First Time Home Buyers Rush to Buy Before Tax Credit Deadline

Bowling Green, Ky – First time home buyers across the nation will be scrambling in the next few weeks to take advantage of a government tax credit before it expires.

The deadline for receiving the $8,000 credit isn't until December, but experts say, homes should be under contract much sooner in order to still qualify.

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The Economy Project
12:47 pm
Wed September 2, 2009

Economic Impact of Heath Care Changes Debated: Part 1 of Series

Bowling Green, Ky – Members of Congress will return to Washington soon, with the health care debate expected to be a top priority. Dan Modlin of WKU Public Radio has a special two-part series on the issues surrounding the ongoing controversy. In this report, we hear about some of the possible economic ramifications of changing the country's health care system.

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