Kentucky Republicans hoping to win the state House in elections this fall are getting a helping hand from the party’s leader. U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell has used his leadership PAC to dole out at least $54,000 dollars to Republican lawmakers in the last three months.

Two 24-year-old Democrats from opposite ends of the Commonwealth hope to be the newest and youngest members of the General Assembly next year.  Kendrick Bryan is from Elizabethtown and hopes to unseat longtime lawmaker Jimmie Lee. Tyler Murphy is from Greenup County and is challenging state representative Tonya Pullin. 

The Pulaski County town is the latest in southern Kentucky to schedule a local option vote. Residents will head to the polls June 26th to cast ballots on whether to allow restaurants and package sales in the city. The date was set after the group "Progress Somerset" turned in petitions with enough signatures favoring the referendum.

Changes to Kentucky's special elections procedures could be imminent.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is supporting a bill to reduce the number of polling places for uncontested special elections for legislative seats.

Another Win: Romney Adds Nevada To His Victories

Feb 5, 2012

All caucus sites have now closed in Nevada, and based on actual vote returns NPR says Mitt Romney is the winner, followed by Newt Gingrich in second place followed by Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. Paul won two rural counties with tiny vote counts, Gingrich prevailed in a third. The rest of the state and all its population centers voted for Romney.

Before the vote from populous Clark County began to be tallied late Saturday, The Associated Press called the race for Romney based on polling among caucus attendees arriving at caucus sites earlier in the day.

How Romney Gained The Advantage In Florida

Jan 31, 2012

With his impressive Florida win on Tuesday, Mitt Romney has re-established himself as the clear front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. But he continues to face fervent opposition from some quarters, and a number of hurdles remain before he can claim the nomination.

Romney took just over 46 percent of the vote, while second-place finisher Newt Gingrich had nearly 32 percent.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum had about 13 percent, with Texas Rep. Ron Paul at 7 percent.

Bowling Green, Ky – Barack Obama's inauguration as the nation's first African-American President is especially inspiring to those Americans who remember the days of segregation. Lisa Autry watched Obama's swearing-in with a Kentuckian who remembers what it was like to be treated as a second-class citizen.

Louisville, KY – President elect Barack Obama's plan to aid the national economy includes $350 billion in spending on infrastructure, from water systems to broadband networks. Cultural institutions aren't part of the package, but arts leaders in Kentucky and beyond are thinking more seriously about their infrastructure needs and their role in the economy.

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Lexington, KY – Hall of Fame Journalist Ken Kurtz says advocates of campaign finance reform need look no further to the Mitch McConnell, Bruce Lunsford race for evidence that the system needs changing...right now.

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Lexington, KY – A week ago today, Americans went to the polls and selected their congressional leaders. In what can only be described as a good year to be a Democrat, that trend did not translate in the two biggest races in the state of Kentucky. We discuss the Mitch McConnell - Bruce Lunsford race today with Al Cross, the Director of UK's Center For Rural Journalism and Community Issues.

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Lexington, KY – In the first of a three part series, Al Cross, the Director of UK's Center For Rural Journalism and Community Issues discusses the road ahead for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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In this segment, Al Cross, Director of UK's Center For Rural Journalism and Community Issues analyzes some key exit polling data as it relates to the Presidential Race in KY.

Richmond, KY – Voters in Kentucky performed Tuesday as expected. They returned Republican Mitch McConnell to the US Senate, while backing the GOP's presidential nominee. WEKU's Charles Compton explores their reasons.

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Bowling Green, Ky – President-elect Barack Obama is busy putting together his first cabinet. His chief of staff has reportedly been picked, and names are being floated for the positions of Secretary of State and Treasury. Dan Modlin spoke with WKU Political Sciece Professors Scott Lasley and Joel Turner, who both provided an historical perspective on presidential transitions.